Grace Life Skills Professional Center offers unique educational opportunities for families and individuals. Through gender-specific classes and an internationally recognized curriculum, men and women learn skills to change behavior and improve their sense of value. The goal of Life Skills is to help each individual increase their capacity to function in relationships, and wherever possible, offer hope of reconciliation when needed. Paul Hegstrom, the founder of Life Skills International, was an abusive husband and father who has made a complete recovery and restored his family. Paul has combined years of research with personal experience to develop the “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” program offered at the Grace Life Skills Center.

These principles helped me to connect the dots between my past experiences and my present behavior. I now have better insight into the lives of others as well. Here is an opportunity to understand yourself in a new way. Break free from the lies that you have come to believe. You will experience change in yourself and in the relationships you share with others.

Pastor Bob Combs
Executive Director, Grace Life Skills Center



Topics covered:

  • Discovering Feelings
  • What is Abuse?
  • Attitudes, Cycle of Violence, Control/Protection, Time-Out Contract
  • The Male and His Emotions
  • Dirty Fighting
  • Anger and Coping
  • My Anger
  • Anger in the Family, My Origin
  • The Anger Kit
  • Life Commandments
  • Life Span Development
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Shame and the Journey Out
  • Reactive Lifestyles
  • Forgiveness
  • Passive/Aggressive/Assertive
  • Subconscious, Right and Left Brain
  • Communications
  • Birth Bonding
  • Mother/Son
  • Father/Daughter
  • Developing a Friendship
  • Understanding Love
  • Guidelines for Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Roots of a Healthy Family

About Classes

Individuals who enroll in classes at the Life Skills Center participate in an entrance interview followed by 26-week, three-hour classes conducted in a small group setting. Classes are led by a facilitator who has previously completed the class and received training from Life Skills International. Men’s classes are led by men and women’s classes are led by women, providing a comfortable environment to discuss relationship issues.

Classes are held at the following location:

Grace Church—Norton Campus
3970 Cleve-Mass Rd., Norton

Community Chaplain Services
3200 Greenwich Rd. (Norton Plaza), Norton

Fees & Payment

The Life Skills Center charges a fee for services. Fees are based on a sliding scale according to each individual’s gross annual income. There is a fee for each class session as well as a one-time materials fee of $25.00 for the class workbook and other materials that will be used.

Individual Annual Income Weekly Fee

$0—$20,000 – – – – – $20.00 week
$20,001—$25,000 – $25.00 week
$25,001—$30,000 – $30.00 week
$30,001—$35,000 – $35.00 week
$35,001—$40,000 – $40.00 week
$40,001—$45,000 – $45.00 week
$45,001—$50,000 – $50.00 week
$50,001—$55,000 – $55.00 week
$55,001 & up – – – – – $60.00 week

10% Discount for Payment in Full at start of Class