What attracts me to the Gospel is how inclusive Jesus is. In the day of Jesus, women and children were looked upon as property, much like it is today in some parts of the world. Men didn’t acknowledge women openly. Jews didn’t talk to Gentiles, especially Samaritans and Rabbis didn’t converse with commoners.

The Gospel of John chapter 4, is the account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. Everything is wrong with this story culturally. Jesus said to his disciples “I need to go through Samaria”. He had planned to talk with a “Samaritan” “Woman”, who was living with a man, unmarried after divorcing five other husbands.

She was going to Jacob’s well for water at noon day. Most people went in early morning or late evening due to the heat. Some speculate she went at noon to avoid the gossip she may often contend with.

While the disciples went to McDonald’s to get lunch, Jesus spoke with the Samaritan woman at the well. She was surprised that he spoke to her and then Jesus opens the conversation with a gift. WHAT??? A Gift?

  1. He sought her out to offer her a “drink that she’ll never thirst
  2. She was seeking to quench a thirst that was insatiable.
  3. The result was not only this woman was elated and healed but much of her village.

John 4 teaches us how the Lord seeks us out not to condemn, not to judge, not to find fault, not to shame, but to offer us a GIFT or the “GIFT”.

I invite you to take a long cold drink as I have and enjoy with me to
never thirst again.

Pastor Dale

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