Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear the great apostle Paul pray? What would he say? What kind of things would he pray for? In Ephesians chap. 2:15-23 is a prayer from the apostle Paul. He prayed for three things concerning the faithful Ephesians:

  • That they may have the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so they may know GOD better.
  • That they may be enlightened in order to know the HOPE to which He has called them (us), the riches of his glorious inheritance…
  • That they would understand His incomparable POWER given to them who believe. The same power given to Jesus Christ.

Basically Paul wants us to Know God better, have a knowledge of our Hope, and gain and utilize the Power of God.

I have heard that some Christian music artists will close their concerts praying this prayer for the audience. This prayer is also a prayer that a person could memorize and pray it anytime one chooses. It is also a prayer one could personalize and pray it back to God asking for these three requests. At least you would know that your asking for the right things since you are praying a biblical prayer. Mostly, you would be agreeing with God on the things He feels are the more important issues in our life.

That is a good thing.

Growing in understanding,
Pastor Dale

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